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Supercritical Extraction Technology

The versatility of supercritical Co2 as a solvent allows it to extract a wide variety of chemicals, this is achieved by simply changing the pressure and temperature.

Properties of a supercritical fluid

  • Density

  • diffusivity

  • Goo

Supercritical Co2 extraction is a green, efficient and sustainable technology for obtaining high value-added products from various sources. The diversity and quality of these products allows them to have multiple applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, among others.

Why Supercritical Co2?

  • It is a green solvent

  • It is non-toxic, pure and stable.

  • It is not flammable

  • Economic

  • reusable

Why Co2 Extraction?

  • Low operating costs

  • Less solvent consumption

  • Fast

  • Selective

  • Solvent free products

  • Suitable for heat-labile products

  • easily scalable

Equipo Extraccion.jpeg

Applications Supercritical Technology

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Green, Clean, Sustainable and Efficient

We offer state-of-the-art, green and efficient technology solutions to extract raw materials from various sources or natural and non-natural resources for the biochemical and  chemical industries. Some examples



Omega 3

Essential oils

Coffee Decaffeination



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