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Tecnología Supercrítica

The most advanced way to treat your waste and extract raw material

Supercritical Technology

At Superfluid Solutions we are at the forefront in Latin America in the treatment of polluting liquid waste, contributing to a circular economy; Additionally, we have a solution for the extraction of raw materials with green and efficient technology.

Tecnología Oxidación Supercrítica


What value would it have for your company, to transform   the waste from your processes?

Tecnología Extracción Supercrítica


What value would it have for your company to improve the quality of raw materials in your processes?


What is Supercritical Technology?

We are all familiar with the three physical states of matter; solid, liquid, and gaseous, however you can find a fourth state of matter called the Supercritical state, it can be found in a fourth state or condition, the supercritical. A chemical substance is in supercritical conditions when its pressure and temperature present values above its critical point, under these conditions the substance, or supercritical fluid, has very interesting physical properties with magnitudes intermediate to those of a gas and a liquid. Thanks to these properties, supercritical fluids can be used in various applications, among which extraction and oxidation stand out.


"Any Sufficiently
Advanced Technology is
Equivalent to Magic"


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